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Lilyrosy 100 kinds of crochet flowers patterns with step by step video tutorial, US Terms

Lilyrosy 100 kinds of crochet flowers patterns with step by step video tutorial, US Terms

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This flower pattern bundle includes 100 kinds of different flowers, including roses, tulips, peonies, lily of the valley, lilies, sunflowers, dahlia, protea, chrysanthemum...and all kinds of leaves, fern leaves, eucalyptus leaves....and all kinds flower pots..... to help you build your own flowers garden.  this package will be kept updated, until all 100 kinds of flowers are finished, so far 49 flowers and leaves have been updated in this link.


1 Snowberry   PDF+Video 2 Lily flower  PDF+Video
3 Sunflower  PDF+Video 4 Red pea PDF
5 Wine glass rose PDF+Video 6 zephyranthes candida PDF+Video
7 Forget me not PDF+Video 8 Peruvian Daffodil  PDF+Video
9 Tulip PDF+Video 10 Fressia PDF+Video
11 Lily of the Valley PDF+Video 12 calla lily PDF
13 Big corn poppy PDF+Video 14      common leaves  PDF+Video
15 Morning Glory  PDF+Video 16 Mandala Rose  PDF+Video
17 Small Rose PDF+Video 18 fragrances Pattern PDF+Video
19 Puff flower PDF+Video 20 CampsisGrandiflora PDF+Video
21 Anthurium PDF+Video 22 little berry PDF
23 Common Roses PDF 24 Monstera  PDF+Video
25  longleaf PDF+Video 26 Spring snowflake PDF+VideoPDF+Video
27 Lewisia cotyledon PDF+Video 28 peony  PDF+Video
29 baby breath PDF+Video 30 Fern leaf PDF+Video
31 Sunflower key chain PDF 32 Christmas tree PDF
33 Large flower PDF+Video 34 Hyacinth  PDF+Video
35 Jasmine PDF+Video 36 Camellia  PDF+Video
37 Small Thai rose PDF 38 Daisy PDF+Video
39 Corncockle  PDF+Video 40 Common Peony PDF+Video
41  Plum blossom PDF+Video 42 Chanel rose PDF+Video
43 Qiangwei Rose  PDF+Video 44 Epiphyllum Pattern  PDF+Video
45 French Rose PDF+Video 46 Chun Lan leaves PDF+Video
47 Dahlia Flower PDF+Video 48 Princess proteas PDF+Video
49 Snake plant leaves  PDF+Video 50 Cream Clematis Flower Pot PDF+Video
51 TBC 52 TBC
53 TBC 54 TBC

if you are a big fan of Lilyrosy flowers and find it difficult to choose which flowers you want to make, this package is the best choice for you.

These are English PDF patterns with step-by-step English tutorials and US terms, They are easy to follow, and you will get an email reminder every time the new patterns are released at this link 

If you have  any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with me at


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