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Lilyrosy crochet wedding bouquet patterns package with step by step video tutorial 13 in 1

Lilyrosy crochet wedding bouquet patterns package with step by step video tutorial 13 in 1

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This flower patterns package includes 12 kinds of different flowers, including roses, tulips, and peonies, jasmine flowers, frern leaves and so on~  if it is hard to choose one, then take them all😄😄

Prepare your holiday flowers! these flowers are perfect for valentines Day,  anniversary

These is English PDF patterns,not finished flowers

Material Requirements: For the most realistic flowers, I recommend using 4ply or 5ply cotton yarn, celebrated for its durability and vibrant colors. A 2.5 mm crochet hook is ideal for crafting the delicate details of each bloom. Additionally, floral stem and floral wire are essential for giving your flowers shape and versatility in display.

Pattern Specifications: Each pattern is provided in US crochet terms and includes a step-by-step tutorial to guide you through the creation process. From the initial loop to the final stitch, I ensure a smooth and enjoyable crafting experience for crocheters at all levels

Difficulty Level: My collection caters to a wide range of skills, offering patterns from easy to advanced. Whether you are just starting out and eager to learn new techniques or an experienced crafter looking for a challenge, you will find a pattern that suits you.

Creative Liberty: I encourage you to put your own creative spin on the patterns! Feel free to experiment with different yarn colors and types, adjusting hook sizes as needed to make your crochet flowers uniquely yours.

Policy Note: It's important to note that once a pattern is purchased, it is non-refundable. I believe strongly in the value and quality of my designs and am confident that you will enjoy the process of bringing these beautiful flowers to life.

Share Your Creations: I would love to see your finished flowers. Please tag Lilyrosy in your posts. It excites me to see how you bring the crochet flowers to life, showcasing your creativity and skill. Let your crochet journey begin today, exploring the endless possibilities my patterns offer.


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