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Highly recommend/ Crochet proteas caffra,gift for girlfriend/friend/mom,valentines day gifts

Highly recommend/ Crochet proteas caffra,gift for girlfriend/friend/mom,valentines day gifts

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Protea flowers, also known as “King Proteas,” command attention with their bold presence and exotic charm. Characterized by their large, showy blooms and robust, woody stems, these magnificent flowers evoke a sense of grandeur and splendor. Each blossom boasts a remarkable structure, featuring layers of velvety petals in hues ranging from soft pastels to vibrant hues, accented by contrasting tips and intricate patterns. Their captivating beauty makes them a favorite choice for bouquets, floral arrangements, and decorative displays, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any setting. Whether adorning wedding ceremonies, special events, or simply gracing the garden landscape, Protea flowers captivate admirers with their timeless allure and enduring appeal.

unique flowers represent unique love

2 days make 1 flowers, really time consuming and labor intensive

The crochet flowers are 100% knitted by hands instead machine. you don't need to worry about health problems.It is safe, timeless and suitable for those with flower allergies.

The plant decoration crochet flower material is realistic in shape, does not wither or fall, and is straight and durable.

Perfect Gifts for Women: It's perfect gift for mom, grandma,girlfriend, wife, and your beloved ones as Mother's day gifts, Valentine's gifts, Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving gifts, Anniversary gifts for her, best gift for wife, birthday gifts for her.

Please note:
*Due to handmade bouquet, there may have slight imperfections. It should not be considered as flaws but enhance its handmade nature and character.
*There will be slight variations in how each flower looks and size. Because they are unique in the world.
*If you have any other requirement, please write a message to me, looking forward to your order.
Happy shopping.

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